Health Warranty

We guarantee our puppies to be healthy at the time of purchase and for a two-year period, remain free of serious inherited defects that would affect its ability to function as a pet. Each puppy will go home with a microchip implanted and be given their first vaccines. We provide our owners with a lifetime of phone and Internet support.

We require a strict spay/neuter contract be signed prior to puppy going home. We also require that each puppy is examined within three days of their purchase date. Owners must follow routine medical care, keep up-to-date on vaccinations and administer monthly flea, tick and heartworm medications. You must provide your dog a premium quality food, regular exercise and social companionship. Do not allow your dog to become overweight or allow rigorous or excessive activity during the dogs first year of development. Owners must enroll in a good dog-training program within the first year. Once a dog is trained properly, he/she will be your best friend for life!

Please download our contract below for full details.